About Us

Western Sand & Gravel is a NEBCO Company. With its beginnings in 1955, Western Sand & Gravel Company mines aggregates along the Platte River near Fremont, Ashland and Louisville. Concrete aggregate makes up 70 percent of the mines’ product. More than 60 additional products ranging from coarse rock material used in landscape decoration to fine-grained sands used for golf course greens and athletic field construction.
Everything mined and produced at Western Sand & Gravel is nonpolluting and recyclable. Plant machinery is electrically operated and produces no hazardous waste. Former mining sites, originally Nebraska pastures and farmland, have undergone reclamation procedures and have been transformed into recreational lake developments.

Tern & Plover Conservation Partnership
Western Sand & Gravel is a partner and supporter of the Tern & Plover Conservation Partnership (TPCP) based at the University of Nebraska.  Western Sand & Gravel has experienced a record number of Least Terns and a number of Piping birds near the Sand Creek Plant located in Ashland, NE.  The Least Tern bird is a state and federally listed endangered species and the Piping Plover bird is a state and federally listed threatened species.  Both the Tern and Plover nest in the Platte River basin on sand from May to August of each year.  The TPCP monitors the birds in Nebraska, conducts research during the nesting period in the summer, and manages the protection efforts of the birds.  The Sand Creek location proudly hosts the most Least Terns in Nebraska during the summer season.  Western Sand works diligently to prevent the birds from nesting in work areas by providing cleared areas nearby.  More information can be viewed about the TPCP and its efforts at www.ternandplover.unl.edu.

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